1st EALD Conference: “Creating a night-time identity of a city”.

28.09.2017  from 9:00-18:00
Location: Museum of Estonian Architecture, Ahtri 2, 10151 Tallinn

Estonian Association of Lighting Designers will hold its first ever conference on the 28th of September 2017. The conference consists of lectures, workshops and panel discussions focusing on the topic of light in our surrounding public space. We will take a look at the problems that we face in Estonia concerning light. Such as the long depressing darkness during our winters and the light pollution brought about urbanization. In addition, the conference will shed some light upon what goes on during the planning stages of lighting design and we will try to answer the question of how to improve lighting design and planning in our cities and in Estonia.

The conference will be held in English.



Ticket price: 40€
For students: 25€
For EALD members: 10€




09:00 Registration – 30 min
09:30 Introduction – 30 min
10.00 Allan Ruberg I part – 60 min
11.00 Break – 15 min
11.15 Allan Ruberg II part – 60 min
12.15 Break – 15 min
12.30 Anna-Liisa Unt – 30 min
13.00 LUNCH
14.30 Sabine De Schutter – 60 min
15.30 Joonas Saaranen – 30 min
15.45 Break – 15 min
18.00 THE END



Allan Ruberg is the Head and founder of ÅF Lighting, which is part of ÅF Consultancy Group. Allan is responsible for the continuous development of ÅF Lighting, which today employs 90 dedicated lighting specialists located in offices around Scandinavia: Copenhagen, Oslo, Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö.  Allan is a driving force in developing lighting consultancy as a profession in Scandinavia and has 20 years of experience in the field of lighting consultancy and design. He has been working with all aspects of lighting from functional road lighting to scenographic lighting design. As Head of ÅF Lighting, Allan ensures a positive development by working closely together with architects, public authorities and industry partners. ÅF Lighting, under Allan’s leadership, has created an impressive amount of award-winning lighting projects.

Allan Ruberg will be giving a lecture on how to work with a user centered approach to public lighting. In addition, he will be addressing the key issues in successful public lighting design. Public lighting is the backbone of the visual environment in our cities, it shapes how the city can be used and how it is perceived. It is, therefore, of the out most importance that it is planned to support the visions and policies of the city.

The presentation will also give a status and some answers to some of the most important questions regarding the performance of today’s LED luminaries for public lighting. Finally, he will present a number of realized projects with good examples on how a well-planned lighting design makes a difference when it comes to  energy efficient and creative public lighting solutions.

Sabine De Schutter is the Head and founder of her own lighting design studio – Studio De Schutter. Sabine is a lighting designer, design thinker and educator, with a background in interior architecture. Simultaneously, her passion for working with people led her to study design thinking, which trained her in different pedagogical methods and techniques to create human-centered design. Besides working on different lighting design projects, Sabine is an IALD Educator. She has been awarded number of Lighting Design awards – Best Newcomer 2014, Best Young Lighting Designer 2012. In 2016 she was nominated in 40-under-40 for lighting designers. Sabine De Schutter was also in the organizing team of TAVA16.

In her presentation Sabine will be giving examples of a variety of projects in which she has worked with a great sensibility to darkness, shadow and light. Taking the well-being of animals and humans into account, she has redesigned the public lighting in parks, questioning the notion of increased safety with increased light. This lighting concept has revealed the potential of designing a nocturnal environment. This talk will give an overview of the potential and the risks of light through temporary and permanent projects.


Anna-Liisa Unt is the founder of her own landscape architecture company – Lahe Atmosfäär. She has given lectures in Estonian University of Life Sciences for almost 10 years. Today she is also the cityscape design specialist in Tartu Town Government and the head editor of landscape magazine ÕU. Anna-Liisa can be characterized by her extreme sensitivity and skill to feels the relationship between a person and the room. 

Anna-Liisa is presenting a “poetical palette”, in which she will be talking about the possibilities in designing a Nodric City with and without light.  Our summers are bright and warm and thus dedicated urban design is natural. The dark and cold winters, on the other hand, introduce a major challenge for designing enjoyable outdoor environments. According to her own words, this polarity hands us a diverse set of tools for manipulating the borders of light and darkness.


Joonas Saaranen is the co-founder of WhiteNight Lighting. In his lighting designs, he wishes to challenge darkness with light to create contrast and contour.

Joonas has studied Industrial design in Rovaniemi, Barcelona and Berlin before obtaining his degree in in architectural lighting design in Stockholm Sweden KTH ALD 2009. He has worked across Europe in lighting design in both large scale corporate level companies and in independent agencies. Currently he is combining both of his passions, lighting and luminaire design at WhiteNight Lighting.

The Nordic light is a combination of extremes, from endless days to dark gloomy hours. This unique variation of light creates an endless source for inspiration. In his lecture he is going to introduce some his latest creations.