Estonian Association of Lighting Designers (Eesti Valgustusdisainerite Assotsiatsioon) has been brought to life in order to create a socially significant and noteworthy profession out of lighting planning and lighting design. Estonia is in need of educated and informed lighting designers who can offer quality designs and planning. Knowledgeable specialists in lighting design are necessary in order for the clients to understand that thoughtful, artistic and modern lighting design is worth its price. For that to happen we need to introduce the clients to the professional lighting designer: only when working together can we offer practical and enjoyable solutions.

Out of darkness a room is created when

  • a designer has the knowledge and skill to offer a quality service;
  • a designer can explain to the customer the contents of ones work and give a cause for necessary expenditure;
  • a client understands that pleasant lighting creates and pleasant environment.

EALD acts as a medium and a spokesperson

  • offering further education, seminars and workshops for designers;
  • working to set a standard for lighting design projects and pricing in Estonia;
  • introducing the lighting design profession to the wider public trough analysis and articles, a profession which otherwise might remain cryptic.

Reasons to be a member of EALD

  • all members of EALD get a discount on all EALD organised seminars and workshops;
  • all members of EALD have access to the educational and informational material owned by EALD;
  • full members can add their full portfolio and contact information to the EALD webpage and are added to the recommended lighting designers list on EALD webpage.